Player Character Races


Humans were brought to this world long ago. Much of their history has been lost to the ages but they still stretch across the world and are by many considered the rulers of this world.


The Ghik, or Orc as they have been named by the humans, are a proud warrior people. Nearly as far reaching as humanity, Ghik believe that they are the ancestors of giants, and many feel that because of that they should rightfully rule this world.


Born to human mothers, always, the Vaekin are the result of fey infusing themselves into a human host. Through this process a fey is capable of feeling both emotionally and physically, and as the child grows it taps into its "fathers" power.


The Throden are a race of rodent people that outnumber and far outreach the other races. However, they have no homeland of their own, and are so divided and timid that many of the other races have enslaved them.


Large and powerful people of the plains, the bull-like Rythos are a people of deep set traditions. As nomads they travel in a yearly migration around the great lake Flar'aegir. Mostly peaceful, and passive, the Rythos are fiercely territorial and will drive away anyone or thing along their path.


Built of stone, wood and metal, the Constroid are a race of people built long ago for a war they have no memory of. Controid are awoken from containers fully functional and with little more then the knowledge on how to perform a single task. Seeking a unified purpose the Constroid have become a technologically advanced race of philosophers and scientists.


Separated from the rest of the world the turtle-like people of Wu Tudi, or The Land of Mists, are a people lost in time. The Kapari are ruled by an emperor and their land is divided into loosely connected fiefs, each with its own unique culture and martial art. 


A race of lizard-folk found around the world that resemble large armed serpents.

Player Character Races

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