The Constroid are a race of artificially created life forms designed specifically for a war now long forgotten. Made of wood and metal these mechanical people share a very human-like apperance and during the dawn of their awakening all shared an apperance with each other depending on the role they were to play in the war. Since then, however, they have learned from their neighbors the Ixens and have diversified greatly. Re-modding and re-equiping themselves to fill other roles. The lack of a need to sleep or eat makes the Constroid a tireless working people of farmers, crafters and archeologists who gather for philosophical debates on their existence and the meaning of life.

Racial Ability Scores


  • +2 Any Stat
  • Immune to Disease, Poison, Suffocation and Exhaustion.
  • Constroid do not need to eat, drink or sleep, but still need to spend the normal time in a short or long rest to regain expended abilities and spells. 
  • Constroid do not gain health back normally during a long rest. They instead regain all spent hit die, and must use hit die to regain lost hit points. 


Constroid were built for war, and although many do not fight or even condone violence, each still has equipment installed inside them to reflect their intended role. Each role has a number of charges equal to their Proficiency. Charges are returned after a short or long rest. Choose one of the following at first level;

Infantry - Proficient in Acrobatics. Small thrusters installed in the body give the Constroid extra mobility. By spending one charge you can Dash as a bonus action, or, move five feet in any direction as a reaction, or slow your fall speed to 30 feet per round, negating fall damage if slowed this way. Spending two charges let you Fly using your base speed as until the end of your next turn.

Heavy – Proficient in Athletics. Your frame and outer shell are built to be more solid than most. As a reaction, you can spend one charge to give yourself Resistance to physical damage until the end of your next turn. Spending a charge as a bonus action gives you double your proficiency on all Strength-based checks until the end of your turn.

Infiltrator - Proficient in Stealth. Your body is designed to move smoother, step lighter and gather more information than most of your kind. As a reaction, you can spend one charge to give yourself advantage on Perception and Investigation checks, double your normal vision and hearing range, and give yourself Darkvision. This effect lasts for one minute. As an action, you can spend a charge to make yourself Invisible. If you move or make an attack the invisibility only lasts until the start of your next turn, however, so long as you remain stationary the invisibility lasts up to one hour. You can spend one charge to extend the duration of this effect by an additional hour so long as you remain stationary.

Engineer - Proficient in Investigation. Your body is designed with the purpose of constructing structures of both offensive and defective natures, setting and disabling traps and capable of morphing your body into various tools and equipment. Engineers are highly sought after individuals both in and out of the Constroid communities. By spending two charges as an action you can construct a small energy barrier no more than five by five feet. This barrier provides half-cover and has half of your maximum hit points. As an action, you can spend two charges to place down a turret that fires a blast of energy at any target that enters or ends its turn within 30ft of the turret. The turret fires a Magic Missile at the target that deals d4+Proficiency bonus Force damage. Once the Turret has expended a number of shots equal to your Proficiency Bonus breaks apart. As long as you have a charge of energy you can cast the cantrip Mending.

Medic – Proficient in Medicine.  Built with the sole purpose of maintaining and repairing other Constroid, Medics are the closest the Constroid have to keeping their race alive. Spending a charge as an action allows the Constroid to heal themselves or another Construct, if they are touching them, by 1d4 hp per Proficiency Bonus. Medics are also designed to provide medical assistance to living creatures in the most basic sense. By spending a charge as an action the Constroid can touch a living creature and remove one of the following status effects; Poisoned, Stunned, Unconscious or Fatigued. In addition they can spend a charge while touching a dying creature to stop them from dying and bring them back to a number of HP equal to their proficiency bonus. 









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