The Ghik are a proud and passion driven people who do things in extremes. When they are happy, they are overjoyed. When sad they are deeply depressed. When angry they are enraged. Ghik stand between six and seven feet tall and weight between 200 and 300lbs on average. Males are broadly built with large hands and feet, while females tend to be slimmer. Both sport tusks from their lower jaw, though females tend to be shorter than males. Ghik have various shades of green or grey, mostly hairless, skin that is closer to a thick hide. Hair is dark and coarse and tends to curl, often leading ghik to style their hair into dreadlocks, corns or braids while eye color ranges in shades of red and brown. All Ghik are descendants of one of the tribes of Jarn'Ghik in the North.

Racial Ability Scores

  • +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
  • Menacing – Proficient in Intimidation.
  • Endurance – When you would be brought below 0 hit points, drop to 1 instead. This ability can only be used once per long rest.
  • Darkvision – You can see better in dim and dark situations. Up to 60 feet in dim light as normal, and treat darkness as dim light.

Tribal Options

No matter where the Ghik ends up around the world each of them considers themselves part of a greater tribe that has no boundaries. These tribes are watched over by guardian animal spirits that embody the primary teaching of that tribe. In exchange for worship each guardian grants a boon to its people. 

  • Wolf – Wolf, fox, coyote, all these names, and forms refer to the same spirit. One that emphasizes companionship, teamwork, and loyalty. You and your allies are considered to be flanking a target you are adjacent to, even if you are not on opposite sides of the target. In addition, you and allies gain double their proficiency bonus when taking the Aid Another action. 
  • Bear – The spirit of family, guardianship, and endurance. You can, as a reaction once per rest, choose to swap locations with an ally you are adjacent to. Any attack made on them is attempted on you instead. In addition, once per rest, you can spend a hit die to regain lost hit points.
  • Stag – The Stag is a guardian like Bear, but emphasizes gentleness, intuition, and sensitivity to others it is also seen as a Horse. Your movement speed when not encumbered is increased by ten feet. You can make Insight checks to replace Perception checks. Once per rest you can share your movement speed with your allies. Until the end of your next turn, their speed is equal to yours if it is higher than their own. 
  • Owl – The spirit of Owl is also known as the Raven, and the Eagle. It is the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and death. You gain the ability to cast Druidcraft, Spare the Dying and Guidance. Once per rest you can perform a short ten-minute ritual on a recently deceased (within 24 hours). A light breeze whispers to you the true answer to one question the spirit knew while it was alive, and what it would have perceived since the time of its death until the casting of the ritual. Instead, you can choose to gain proficiency in one of the target's skill until the next morning.  
  • Cougar – Lion, Tiger, Jaguar; Cougar takes on the form of all great cats and teaches the value of self-sufficiency, independence, and patience. As an Action, you study a target. A successful Insight check DC 10+ targets HD reveals to you its Save Proficiency, and Resistances. You and your allies gain an advantage on your next attack, save or skill check against this target. Once this is used it cannot be used on the same target until you finish a long rest. 
  • Drake - All Drakes are powerful and ferocious creatures believed to be remnants of dragons. Power is the most important thing to Drake. Whenever you land a critical hit you roll an additional damage die and double the strength modifier added to the attack. Once per rest you can choose to do your maximum amount of damage. 
  • Whale – A powerful but gentle giants teach the values of compassion, creativity, and expression. Once per rest you can invoke your guardian spirit to inspire your allies to greatness. They regain lost hit points or temporary hit points equal to your Charisma Score and gain Advantage on all checks until the start of your next turn. You also hold your breath for twice as long as normal. 
  • Monkey - The Monkey is sometimes seen as a great ape, but symbolizes versatility, mobility, and flexibility of both body and mind. You are proficient with Dexterity, if you are already, or would gain proficiency with Dexterity, you gain Expertise with it instead. You gain a climbing speed equal to your movement speed and once per rest as a reaction you can add your proficiency bonus to your AC and attacks of opportunity until the start end of your next turn. 
  • Snake – Snake is a spirit of change, growth, and healing. It teaches its people to grow mentally and physically each day through practice and study. Once per rest you can remove any, one, magical effect on yourself or an ally you can touch. Once per long rest, when you are brought below zero hit points you can spend a hit die to regain lost hit points. 



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