The Ghik are a proud and passion driven people who do things in extremes. When they are happy, they are overjoyed. When sad they are deeply depressed. When angry they are enraged. Ghik stand between six and seven feet tall and weight between 200 and 300lbs on average. Males are broadly built with large hands and feet, while females tend to be slimmer. Both sport tusks from their lower jaw, though females tend to be shorter than males. Ghik have various shades of green or grey, mostly hairless, skin that is closer to a thick hide. Hair is dark and coarse and tends to curl, often leading ghik to style their hair into dreadlocks, corns or braids while eye color ranges in shades of red and brown. All Ghik are descendants of one of the tribes of Jarn'Ghik in the North.

Racial Ability Scores

  • +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
  • Menacing – Proficient in Intimidation.
  • Savage – On a critical hit roll the weapons damage die an additional time.
  • Endurance – When you would be brought below 0 hit points, drop to 1 instead. This ability can only be used once per long rest.
  • Darkvision – You can see better in dim and dark situations. Up to 60 feet in dim light as normal, and treat darkness as dim light.

Racial Options

The following is a list of options you can take to customize your character. Each ability replaces one of the standard abilities. 

  • Spirit Guided; +1 Wisdom. This replaces +1 Constitution.
  • Mastery - Choose a skill you are proficient in, you gain expertise with this skill. This replaces proficiency in Intimidation.
  • Strike Like Lightning – Once per short or long rest, when you make an attack, gain Advantage on the roll. If this attack results in a Critical it does the maximum amount of damage.  This replaces Endurance. 
  • Pounce – You can move up to your base speed toward an enemy as a bonus action. You must end this move closer to the enemy than you started. This replaces savage.
  • Keen Senses – Your sense of smell and hearing is heightened. You gain the Scent ability. 
  • Tooth and Claw – You have natural weapons in the form of sharp tusks or claws. As a bonus action you can make an unarmed attack that you are proficient in that deals d6+strength+proficiency in either piercing or slashing damage.  This replaces Menacing. 


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