Humans are a wide spread and versatile race. Their tenacity, ingenuity and diversity have carried them through the years of hardship the world has thrown at them and made them stronger. Unlike other races, who adapted to the environments around them, humanity tends to adapt the environment to suit their needs.

Humans are found all over the world and as such have a wide range of physical appearances. They can stand anywhere between 5 and 6.5 feet and weight between 100 and 200lbs on average. Skin can range between nearly black to pale white, with hair in shades of black, brown, red and blond. Eye color is less versatile, tending between greens, blues, and browns. Some humans are known to have cyan colored eyes as well, suggesting a heritage linked to the Vaecaesin. The following stats apply to all humans regardless of nationality. 

Racial Abilities

  • +1 to any two stats
  • +1 Skill or Save Proficiency
  • +1 Tool, Language, or Kit Proficiency
  • Select a Feat at first level that they qualify for.


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