Humans are a wide spread and versatile race. Their tenacity, ingenuity and diversity have carried them through the years of hardship the world has thrown at them and made them stronger. Unlike other races, who adapted to the environments around them, humanity tends to adapt the environment to suit their needs.

Humans are found all over the world and as such have a wide range of physical appearances. They can stand anywhere between 5 and 6.5 feet and weight between 100 and 200lbs on average. Skin can range between nearly black to pale white, with hair in shades of black, brown, red and blond. Eye color is less versatile, tending between greens, blues, and browns. Some humans are known to have cyan colored eyes as well, suggesting a heritage linked to the Vaecaesin. The following stats apply to all humans regardless of nationality. 

Racial Abilities

  • +1 to any two stats. Humans diversity makes it easy for them to adapt to their environment and culture quickly. 
  • +1 Skill or Save Proficiency. Humanity is adept at quickly picking up skills and traits.
  • +1 Tool, Language, or Kit Proficiency. Humans are quick to learn tricks and tools to help them survive. 


Humans don't necessarily have what we commonly refer to as sub-races. Instead, they become influenced by things like environment or exposure to magical energies that change them. These are the variants that humans choose from when creating a character. Most variants are designed to represent the humans mixed blood or nationality.


  • Select a Skill Feat, Racial or Tool Feat at first level - Humanity's greatest asset is its diversity. Many humans are naturally talented at some things, while others spend time mastering tricks to give them the upper hand at a job or skill. 

Some humans, like the ones who worship the Archangels of Edar, are blessed by their patron to become shining examples of their cause. These people are referred to as "Champions" like Vaekin they are magically influenced by another but on a more subtle level. Choose one of the following blessings; 

  • Blessing of 

    • Roris - Archangel of Fire;  Expertise in Athletics, Intimidation or Persuasion – Cast Control Flames and Produce Flame.
    • Bhuler - Archangel of Wood;  Expertise in Survival, Medicine or Animal Handling - Cast Thorn Whip and Druidcraft.
    • Omrer - Archangel of Earth;  Expertise in Investigation, Arcana or History  - Cast Mending and Mold Earth.
    • Azule - Archangel of Water;  Expertise in Stealth, Slight of Hand or Deception - Cast Shape Water and Frostbite.
    • Apsis – Archangel of Air;  Expertise in Insight, Acrobatics or Perception – Cast Gust and Message.
  • Some humans of the Aethyran Empire undergo a ritual to bond themselves to an animal companion called a Baeshra. These animals are monstrous versions of normal animals that the Aethyran people breed as pets, workers, and guardians. This magical bond works similarly to a wizard familiar or a rangers companion. Allowing the two to share emotion, sense their presence or even utilize the others senses. 

    • Baeshra Companion: You gain a beast companion of 1/4 or less challenge rating that is medium or smaller in size. It shares your proficiency bonus on attacks and adds it to the creatures AC and Hit Point maximum. During rests, you can share your regained hit points with the creature. You can as a free action direct the creature where to move, and as an attack action, you can choose to make it attack instead of yourself. As an action, you can give up the use of one of your senses to share in your companions. Whenever you would gain a feat or ability score improvement your companion does as well. If your companion dies you can, as part of an eight-hour ritual that requires the body of the creature, bring it back to life. You can also choose to perform this ritual on another creature to bond to it instead.




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