Humans are a wide spread and versatile race. Their tenacity, ingenuity and diversity have carried them through the years of hardship the world has thrown at them and made them stronger. Unlike other races, who adapted to the environments around them, humanity tends to adapt the environment to suit their needs.

Humans are found all over the world and as such have a wide range of physical appearances. They can stand anywhere between 5 and 6.5 feet and weight between 100 and 200lbs on average. Skin can range between nearly black to pale white, with hair in shades of black, brown, red and blond. Eye color is less versatile, tending between greens, blues, and browns. Some humans are known to have cyan colored eyes as well, suggesting a heritage linked to the Vaecaesin. The following stats apply to all humans regardless of nationality. 

Racial Abilities

  • +1 to any two stats. Humans diversity makes it easy for them to adapt to their environment and culture quickly. 
  • +1 Skill or Save Proficiency. Humanity is adapt at quickly picking up skills and traits.
  • +1 Tool, Language, or Kit Proficiency. Humans are quick to learn tricks and tools to help them survive. 
  • Select a Feat at first level that they qualify for.  Humanity's greatest asset is its diversity. Many humans are naturally talented at some things, while others spend time mastering tricks to give them the upper hand. 



Although humanity is mostly defined by their adaptability and diversity, it is possible to find a few groups that are different enough to be considered a sub-race, usually the result of a powerful beings influence. 


Aesthyran's are a group of humans originally from the Sun-Kissed Desert. The people of the desert are ruled over by a king believed to be the Sun's Avatar. Litrix'Svent is in truth an ancient golden dragon who has sired of directly influenced most if not all of his people. As a result some of his blood is passed down to these people, resulting in their bronzed skin, and golden hair and eyes. 

  • Children of the Sun: Replaces Human Bonus Feat:  You gain advantage when attempting to resist the effects of Exhaustion. In addition, once per long rest you can spend an action to trigger a transformation that comes from your ancient bloodline. Your hands become claws that let you make unarmed attacks with proficiency. Small patches of thin, flexible scales, form across your body. Your AC increases by 2 and you gain Resistance to fire. This effect lasts up to one minute per proficiency bonus. 


Some humans living in the nation of Edar are born blessed by their guardian angels. These Angels choose humans that are destined to become their champions and spread their ideals to others. Others are influenced by the magical energies or creatures that make up the world. Like Vaekin these humans are born with special abilities that mark them as different. 

  • +2 Charisma – Archon's are humans graced by unnatural beauty and charm. 
  • Divine Touch – Once per long rest you can touch a creature and heal a number of hit points equal to your level + proficiency bonus. 
  • Blessing of  – Choose one of the following; 

    • Roris - Archangel of Fire; Proficiency in Athletics – Cast Control Flames and Produce Flame.
    • Bhuler - Archangel of Wood; Proficiency in Survival – Cast Thorn Whip and Druidcraft.
    • Omrer - Archangel of Earth; Proficiency in Investigation – Cast Mending and Mold Earth.
    • Azule - Archangel of Water; Proficiency in Stealth – Cast Shape Water and Frostbite.
    • Apsis – Archangel of Air; Proficiency in Insight – Cast Gust and Message.



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