The Kapari are a race of turtle people from the empire of Wu'Tudi and its islands. The Kapari stand slightly taller than humans, at about six – six and a half feet, but weight closer to 200lbs because of their thick shells. Both males and females are hairless and covered in fine scales of greens and brown with a thick shell that covers their back of a much darker shade. Both males and females tend to carve or paint their shells with symbols or images that depict their family, self deeds and class. Aside from their shells, which tend to be thinner on females, there is little gender dimorphism.

Racial Ability Scores

  • +1 Con, +2 Wisdom
  • Movement speed of 25, Swim Speed of 30
  • Proficiency in Athletics
  • Natural Armor – Kapari scales and shells provide a +2 bonus to armor class.
  • Shell Shield – As a reaction the Kapari can give themselves a +2 bonus to AC.  This can be used after an attack successfully hits them but before damage is assigned. 


Kapari that live along the mainland are generally shorter and bulkier than their island dwelling cousins. Thicker shells, and a dangerously sharp and powerful beak and a more aggresive attitude mark these land based Kapari. They have the following changes; 

  • +2 Con, +1 Wis
  • Move Speed and Swim Speed of 20.
  • Natural Attack, Bite – Bonus Action deals d10 + STR + Proficiency piercing damage. 


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