The Ophidin are a race of lizardfolk born from one of the elder dragons. These people spent years waring with the non-scaled people of the world and then eventually themselves. Large civil wars resulted and with their lord-god asleep the people splintered. Though many Ophidin still war endlessly several small groups began to reach out to the other races of the world. As time went on they became uneasy allies and the Ophidin became a culture entirely their own. Females tend to be larger and more colorful than males, even growing bright feathers across their shoulders, arms, crowns and occasionally at the ends of their tails. Ophidin, as lizards, think differently than other races in a manner that is referred to as cold and calculating. Emotion and expression are not unknown to the serpents but are usually suppressed or lessened until special occasion calls for it. 

  • +2 Dex, +1 Intellect
  • Resistant to Trips – Your long body makes it difficult to knock you down or trip you.
  • Advantage on climbing, swimming and jumping checks – Your tail gives you an advantage to certain athletic abilities. 
  • You are always aware of creatures within 10 feet of you – Your tongue and sensitive under-scales make it impossible for creatures to sneak up on you. 
  • Thermal-vision – Your ability to see heat lets you see in total darkness as if it were normal light up to 60 feet. 


Ophidin can vary greatly from each other. Even siblings tend to have different abilities and traits. Some traits are often carried over by blood, but sometimes mutations or variations occur. 

  • Viper – You are born with retractable fangs capable of injecting a poison into those you bite. You gain a bite attack that you are proficient in. It deals D4 piercing damage on a successful hit and also Poisons the target for a number of rounds equal to your proficiency bonus. At the start of each turn the target is poisoned they take an additional D4 poison damage. 
  • Constrictor -  Your tail is extra strong, capable of coiling around and crushing objects with great force. When using your tail you gain advantage on grapple checks and when grappled by you targets are also Restrained. While grappled as a bonus action you can crush your target, dealing 2d4 bludgeoning damage. You can grapple an additional target with your hands as normal grapple rules. 
  • Quad – You have an extra set of arms. You can make an extra attack when taking the attack action, and an extra attack when using a bonus action for the purpose of dual wielding. You cannot wield more than one Two-Handed weapon at a time. 



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