The Rythos are a race of large bovine like humanoids, complete with horns, snouts, hooves and tails. Both males and female can stand between seven and eight feet tall, where males are built broader and heavier than females. Most males weight 300 – 400lbs while females tend to weigh closer to 300lbs. Both are covered in furs ranging in colors and patterns of browns, whites, and blacks. Both genders have horns protruding from the sides of the head that continue to grow throughout their lives. Culturally females keep their horns short and dull, while males prefer longer, sharper horns. Several tribes can be found around the world, all of which are nomadic herds that follow a very strict path and set of laws. 


Racial Ability Scores

  • +2 Strength, +1 Wisdom
  • The Horns – As a bonus action the Rythos can make a melee attack using its horns. These horns do D4+Proficiency+Strength as piercing or bludgeoning damage. If the Rythos uses the Dash action beforehand, add an additional D4 to the damage roll. 
  • Beast of Burden – Maximum lift, drag, carry and push weights are doubled for Rythos.
  • Sturdy – Rythos gain double their Constitution modifier to hit points each level. 
  • One with Nature -Rythos connection to and exposure to the elements make them resistant to its effects. When in bad weather conditions, like storms or extreme heat or cold, Rythos do not suffer disadvantage when making skill checks or saves. 


Rythos have a number of different groups found in their people. Though most of these sub-groups form their own tribes sometimes wanderers are known to join other tribes. All originally come from the Sons of Journ, and most tribes are open to the idea of outsiders joining the herd, but under careful supervision, as to not disrupt the already careful balance of a nomadic culture. Choose one of the following when making a character;

  • Room for Two – Your size becomes Large. You take up a ten by ten square and have five feet of reach. You can wield normal sized weapons with the Two-Handed property in one hand, except for Bows, Crossbows, and Rifles. You can wield Large sized weapons, and large weapons have an additional damage die. 
  • Covered In Armor – You have thick wool or hair that keeps you warm and helps protect you. You gain resistance to cold and slashing damage. 
  • Strikes Like Thunder -You people are quick, and often utilize their natural weapons for defense or sport. When making an attack with your horns you also can stun your opponent on a successful hit until the end of their next turn instead of doing damage.
  • Steps with Caution – You have exceptionally good skills when it comes to climbing, jumping, and general placement of your feet. You gain Advantage on athletics checks when climbing, jumping or balancing. When you are forced to move, so long as you are still touching the ground, you may choose to move only half the distance. If you would only move 5 feet in any direction, you can choose to not move at all. 
  • Walks on Four – Your people are quadrupeds; walking on four hoofed feet with the upper-body of a humanoid and the lower body of cervidae. (deer) Your movement speed becomes 40. When you take the Dash Action your movement becomes 60. When you take the attack action you can use a bonus action to make an attack with your feet. The attack does D4 damage and knocks the target Prone. 




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