Vaekin are the strange offspring of human mothers and fae. Fae are beings that may or may not have a physical body, and may or may not be able to feel in the most basic sense of the word. Some fae are beautiful and colorful like fairies, others are dark and fearsome like goblins. However, these types of fae do not have the power necessary to inhabit and attach their essence to human souls. More powerful fae, like the ones that become associated with stories, songs or legends, are the ones that decide to attach themselves to a soul. Once attached they can experience all the sensations that they lacked before. These souls then become part of the Fae after death to help grow the legend. However, the soul is transferred to the offspring of a Vaekin as they grow, eventually causing the death of the parent as the child reaches maturity themselves.  

Racial Ability Scores and Subraces

Because Vaekin are even more diverse than their human halves its hard to narrow down a race or subrace. Instead, Vaekin are broken into different groups based on the nature of their fae parent called paths. These paths share similar powers that grow as the bond between human and fae strengthens. In the human nation of Edar many Elemental Vaekin are born and treated especially well by the churches of the element they represent, however, most other Vaekin are expelled, or executed for being demonic or unholy creations.

  • +2 to any one stat.
  • Old Soul – Once per rest, the Vaekin can look inside themselves to gather additional knowledge on a subject. This lets them re-roll any skill check of their choice, taking the higher result.
  • Gossamer Manipulation – Vaekin can tap into a special type of magical energy known as Gossamer, this allows them to perform small magical tricks that manipulate reality itself, allowing them to cast one of the following spells; Prestidigitation, Thaumaturgy or Druidcraft. They can manipulate gossamer a number of times per day equal to their proficiency bonus, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.

Fey Paths

Vaekin have such a diverse set of appearances and abilities that no true subrace exists between them, however, each Vaekin must select a Path, which determines the nature of their fae parent and the powers they gain from them when they manipulate gossamer.

  • Gossamer: Vaekin of the Gossamer Path maintain most of their human appearance but have traits that betray their fey heritage; oddly colored hair and eyes, elongated ears, or patterns along their skin. The Vaekin can manipulate reality in their favor. They may spend a point of Gossamer to re-roll any die (friend, foe or self) as a reaction but must take the new result. In addition, y spending a point of Gossamer the Vaekin can choose to Teleport its movement speed. 
  • Beast: Vaekin with the beast path have parents that were some sort of magical animal or animal spirit. These Vaekin gain animal-like qualities like ears, tails, claws or fur. Choose a beast of challenge rating 1/2 to be your parent animal. You gain one of the animals Natural Attacks, and either Darkvision, if the creature has it, or Expertise in Perception. By spending a Gossamer point you can make your natural attack magical for one minute. In addition, by spending a Gossamer point, you can transform into that animal as a Bonus Action. While in this form you take on the animals stats, except your mental abilities remain the same. You can speak normally in this form, but can also understand other animals like you. This form lasts until you spend another Gossamer point to change back. 
  • Elemental: Vaekin of the elemental path had a parent that was either a true elemental, or possessed powerful elemental abilities. Vaekin in this path choose an elemental damage type (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid, Poison, Sonic) and gain Resistance against it. Spending a Gossamer point allows the Vaekin to take on an elemental form that matches their chosen element. This form lasts for one minute and gives the Vaekin Immunity to their damage type. In addition any damage of this type that they receive heals them for an equal amount.  While in this form all weapon attacks are considered to do damage appropriate to their element. Spending a Gossamer as a reaction allows them to roll an additional damage die for one attack. 
  • Plant: Veakin of the plant path are strongly attuned to the natural world. Their parent may have been a elemental, or fairy associated to plant-life or the guardian spirit of a tree or lake. These Vaekin can speak with plants, as the spell. Spending a point of Gossamer allows the Vaekin to cover themselves in a layer of bark or vegetation for one minute. This gives the Vaekin a natural armor bonus equal to their proficiency bonus. Spending a point of Gossamer also allows the Vaekin to coat their weapon attacks in poison. The next time an attack deals damage the target makes a CON Save DC 8+Prof Bonus. On a fail they become Poisoned. 
  • Dreams: Vaekin of the path of dreams are both beautiful and frightning. Often created from those born of human dreams or nightmares. These Vaekin often are associated with ideas of law, chaos, good and evil. Some may appear angelic with hair of gold and silver eyes, or with demonic horns and tails. Some still may appear completely normal but may cast no reflection or shadow, or may be able to distort or re-shape themselves into twisted forms. These Vaekin can cast Minor Illusion at will and can spend Gossamer to shape light and shadow into more solid illusions. Spending a Gossamer point as an Action allows the Vaekin to create a creature of a Challenge Rating equal to or less than the number of points spent. This creature's stats are the same as in the Monster Manuel, except its Hit Points are equal to 10x the Gossamer points spent to create it. This creature lasts one minute, or until it is killed.  



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