Vaekin are the strange offspring of human mothers and fae. Fae are beings that may or may not have a physical body, and may or may not be able to feel in the most basic sense of the word. Some fae are beautiful and colorful like fairies, others are dark and fearsome like goblins. However these types of fae do not have the power necessary to inhabit and attach their essence to human souls. It is this possess that gives birth to Vaekin. Vaekin exist to allow the fey spirit to experience the world the way humans do. While attached to the hosts soul the fey can experience joy and sadness, hunger, anger, fear, pleasure and the freedom of choice.

Racial Ability Scores and Subraces

Because Vaekin are even more diverse than their human halves its hard to narrow down a race or subrace. Instead Vaekin are broken into different groups based on the nature of their fae parent and then again into one of two Courts; Summer and Winter. Fey of the Court of Summer are colorful, bright and associate themselves with positive emotions. Those of the Court of Winter are dark and dull and associate with negative emotions. Though none are strictly good or evil. In the human nation of Edar many Elemental Vaekin are born and treated especially well by the churches of the element they represent, however, most other Vaekin are expelled, or executed for being demonic or unholy creations.

  • +2 to any one stat.
  • Old Soul – Once per day the Vaekin can look inside themselves to gather additional knowledge on a subject. This lets them re-roll any skill check of their choice, taking the higher result.
  • Gossamer Manipulation – Vaekin can tap into a special type of magical energy known as Gossamer, this allows them to perform small magical tricks that manipulate reality itself, allowing them to cast Prestidigitation an unlimited number of times per day.

Fey Paths

Vaekin have such a diverse set of apperances and abilities that no true subrace exists between them, however each Vaekin must select a Path, which determines the nature of their Fey parent and gives them an ability to use with their Gossamer Manipulation;

  • Gossamer: Vaekin of the Gossamer Path maintain most of their human appearance but have traits that betray their fey heritage; oddly colored hair and eyes, elongated ears, or patterns along their skin. Once per day the Vaekin can use their manipulation to manipulate reality in their favor. For a number of rounds equal to their Hit Die, rounded down, the Vaekin may choose to re-roll a single die each round and take the better result.
  • Beast: Vaekin with the beast path have parents that were some sort of magical animal. This gives the Vaekin a natural attack of their choice along with the ability to take the shape of their parents animal form or into a hybrid form. While in the Hybrid form the Vaekin maintains their stats, but gains any natural abilities their animal form possess such as movement speeds, natural attacks, scent, darkvision ect. While in animal form the Vaekin drops all equipment, magical or not, keeping their mental stats but exchanging their physical stats and skills if the animal form is better. This transformation lasts until the Vaekin chooses to end it, or until they sleep. These forms are considered True Forms.
  • Elemental: Vaekin of the elemental path had a parent that was either a true elemental, or possessed powerful elemental abilities. Vaekin in this path choose an elemental damage type and take half damage from those sources. Once per day they can also take on an elemental form for a number of rounds equal to their Hit Die rounded down. While in this form any damage done to them of the selected type instead heals them. Any creature, or object, that ends their turn next to the Vaekin in this form takes damage of the appropriate type equal to the Vaekins Hit Die.
  • Plant: Veakin of the plant path are strongly attuned to the natural world. Their parent may have been a elemental, or fairy associated to plant-life. These Vaekin can speak with plants, as the spell. Once a day for one minute per level the Vaekin gains a natural armor bonus equal to half their hit dice rounded down. Each turn they may choose to reduce that bonus by any number in exchange for a bonus to damage. 
  • Planer: Vaekin of the Planer path come from a parent that is tied to the concepts of light and darkness. Good and evil fey parents give celestial or abyssal physical traits to their offspring and are often associated with certain human inspired deities and demons. These Vaekin posses minor physical changes that mark their heritage such as oddly colored skin, horns, hair like metal, radiant eyes or otherworldly voices. These Vaekin are always proficient in Intimidate and Diplomacy and add their Hit Die to the resulting checks. Each day for a number of minutes equal to their Hit Die the Vaekin can shape gossamer to give them one of the following; Wings that provide a Fly speed, double movement speed, add HD to physical resistance, or a touch attack that does HD in healing or negative energy damage.



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